Life is good and beautiful when one’s body is healthy, when you feel good and your mind is calm, when you look ahead with confidence even if the world around you is crazy and full of anxiety.

The club of physically, mentally and spiritually healthy people and people who want to become such.


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I. Do you have specific physical ailments?

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II. Would you like to ask Roman Goldrin, a specialist in psychosomatics, Soul therapist, about your physical ailments in person?

We invite you to register for the meeting “I Serve My Soul”.

“I Serve My Soul” is an online practice with the psychosomatics specialist, Soul therapist Roman Goldrin on staying healthy, happy, being of sound mind, in the right place at the right time, take place every second Sunday.

23-rd of October, 2022

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm (GMT+3, Vilnius)

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What is the Soul?

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Who are the meetings “I Serve My Soul” intended for?

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Objectives of the meetings “I Serve My Soul”


Roman Goldrin. Who is he?

Roman Goldrin, with the help of his father, the honoured teacher of Estonia and athletics coach Alexander Goldrin, began to study human anatomy and physiology as a child, got acquainted with acupuncture, mastered the program of classical sports massage and, while still at school, already in the 8th grade, using massage techniques, started providing help to athletes coached by his father and his friends who were often injured.

Soul Therapist?

Teacher methodologist, kinesitherapist, thanatotherapist, instructor in neotantra and states of expansion of consciousness (through breathing and bodily techniques), author of several techniques, practicing psychosomaticist, who created the method of Soul therapy, which is a synthesis of practical methods of psychosomatics and various areas of psychology, which are based on long-term research and have proven their effectiveness through practical application on different people, more than 30 years of experience with people, unique personal properties of extrasensory feeling designed to restore energy, health and emotional states of a person.

According to R. Goldrin, “The body of a healthy Soul is healthy.”

When working with patients and seminar participants, R. Goldrin uses the following methods:

Lecturer on the topic

“I Serve My Soul” are regular mini meetings designed to accompany you inside your consciousness, to a meeting with your Soul. I will assist you with words, with certain signs, through your own voice to plunge into states of joy, pleasant surprise and feeling your Soul. In these states you will be able to solve issues what are important for you and to make important life decisions the way your Soul desires”.

- Roman Goldrin -

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23-rd of October, 2022


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm (GMT+3, Vilnius)

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Giedrius Svetkauskas

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organizer of Roman Goldrin's seminars, 
CEO of UAB "Viva persona"
tel.: +370 641 63055 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)

"Viva persona" with Roman Goldrin since 2006

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